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Muttley and Jack's Coffee Roasters / Ethiopia Dhilgee Chelbesa #1 / Tasting and Recipes


İyi Bilinen Üye
Hello to everyone

We are about to complete the first bulk purchase abroad from Muttley & Jack's. Packages were be shipped on 5-7 October from Sweden to Turkey by the company owner's Jack. Most of them came to customs. These packages will likely reach their owners next week. I think that the smells of coffee will begin to pervade after the friends who make joint purchases share the coffees. :giggle:

We can share tastings, recipes, and comments about Ethiopia Dhilgee Chelbesa #1 under this title.


Aktif Üye
Dhilgee Chelbesa - v60
31g coffee - medium/fine grind
500g water - 98 degrees

1. Rinse the v60 filter paper / warm the jug
2. Add 31g coffee grinds to the v60. Shake a little to make it level and with a finger make a little 'well'/hole in the coffee (makes it easier to bloom).
3. Add approx 60g water to the coffee and swirl the whole v60/jug in your hands to make sure all the coffee gets wet and can 'bloom' (allow CO2 to escape) for 30-40 seconds.
4. Add a further 240g water to the v60 (total water now at 300g).
5. At around 1:45 - 2:00 mins add the remaining 200g water (totally now 500g).
6. Give a gentle stir to the coffee/water mixture in the v60 to sto it sticking to the sides and wait for the water to drip out. At around 2:30 - 3:00 your coffee is ready to drink.